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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Our wide range of 1-minute mask is suitable for various skin types, needs and occasions. You can use the following comparison chart to determine which one fits best for you!

SKIN TYPE SUITABILITY Normal skin Normal skin Oily skin Dry skin Tired & Dry skin Sensitive skin Dry skin Dry & Dull skin
FRAGRANCE Fruity herbs Citrus leaf Minty grapefruits Mixed berries Chamomile orange Peaches Fragrance free Fragrance free
Disclaimer: Recommendations are based on product formula and specifications but subject to actual skin conditions.

Yes, all mask variants including Goodnight and Premium Mask are suitable for use daily.

It is a fuss-free 1 minute sheet mask that fulfills all your skincare needs from cleanser, moisturizer and primer. You may proceed with makeup application after that. With moisturized skin, you will find that makeup application is smooth and lasts longer.

For the Goodnight mask, it has 5-in-1 functions that acts as your toner, lotion, essence, cream and mask so you can go to bed quickly without having to fuss through multiple steps of skincare.

We recommend not more than 5 minutes for morning mask variants. For goodnight mask, you may put it up to a maximum of 10 minutes for those with very dry skin.

All masks have a shelf life of 5 years.

No, all our morning masks contain cleansing ingredients and the cotton fibers of the sheet mask also help to catch dirt. But we would recommend doing so for those with very oily skin/sweats easily.

You do not have to since the mask contains moisturizing ingredients. However, you may do so if you wish to especially for those with very dry skin.

To ensure maximum benefits, allow the mask essence to remain on skin following removal of the mask. Massage the remaining essence onto the face and neck until it is fully absorbed into the skin!

Yes, you may do so to enhance the cooling/soothing effect.

There should not be any issues using it during pregnancy. However, as the skin condition tend to be sensitive during this period, we recommend doing a patch test before using. Proceed with putting on the sheet mask on your face only if there is no skin reaction from the patch test.

All Saborino products are safe and gentle to use. If you experience an adverse reaction, remove the mask immediately and cleanse face to remove the essence from the skin surface. If redness persists, apply aloe vera gel or a cold compress. Should you experience a prolonged reaction, consult a dermatologist.

Be careful of the usage of any type of skincare product on sun-burnt/sun-exposed skin as it may cause further irritation. As the skin may be extremely sensitive after being exposed to the sun for long hours, we recommend not to use it until your skin has calmed down.