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About Saborino

In Japanese, Saboru (サボる) means to "be lazy" or "skip your routine". Saborino is a time-saving skincare brand specially designed for women to complete their daily skincare routine in just 1 mask - perfect for busy mornings or tired nights! With Saborino, you can be beautiful without the hassle!

A project for women, by women
Saborino Development Team
BCL Girls' Development Lab - Bringing together our demanding female staff! Products we really want! The interdepartmental development project team is made up of members from the sales, marketing, promotion and planning departments.

It works on a very simple concept: to turn the members' skincare wishes into reality.

As well as product planning, the project team takes a holistic approach, covering marketing, in-store promotions, and promotional events.


Facial cleansing is the biggest hassle in the morning - what if it could be done in bed? That's the supremely lazy idea that kick-started our morning mask range!


“Mornings are always busy!”

“Morning facial cleansing is the biggest hassle”

“But there are already other clean-only wipes out there, aren’t there?”

“Is it too much to want something that cleanses the skin, cares for it, and primes it for make-up too?”

“That’s sounds amazing! An all-in-one!”

“Still, it’s annoying to have to spread the mask out, isn’t it?”

“Okay, so how about something that unfolds into a ready-to-apply face shape by pulling it out with both hands?”

This was exactly how our first Saborino product - SABORINO MORNING FACIAL SHEET MASK was developed. A product to freshen and tighten the skin first thing in the morning! Day Mask ImageDeco

"We want to be lazy in the evening, too". Now our new post-bath routine is to do everything with just one sheet, from skincare to treatment mask! There's no limit to what we want from these masks!


“There’s just too much to do once I’ve got home in the evenings”

“I’m so tired I find it hard just to stay standing after my bath”

“If we can take shortcuts with our morning skincare, can’t we do it in the evenings too?”

“But I still want to moisturize my skin properly and make sure my pores are toned after bathing!”

“Yes, I want richer ingredients in my evening skincare! But I still want it to be quick!”

“If I’m going to use a skincare mask then I want it to work as a treatment too – that means I can go straight to bed after my bath!”

“If I can shorten my evening skincare routine, I’ll have time to make my nails a bit fancier than usual”


Customers who have used our SABORINO MORNING FACIAL SHEET MASK also gave us so much feedback about what they wanted next. This led to the development of the long-awaited SABORINO GOOD NIGHT SHEET MASK!

Lotion, milk, cream, serum, and treatment, all in a single 60-second mask. It's the all-in-one we've been waiting for!

Night Mask ImageDeco
Saborino Quality

How did we develop the many features that set Saborino sheet masks apart? Let's take a look behind the scenes of our production process to discover the exceptional innovations in the making of our masks.

Product Development
Product Development Image

The Saborino brand was developed by the BCL Girls' Development Lab.

The sheet mask series was developed through careful in-house research, in response to some skincare demands:

“mornings are so busy for women!”
“facial cleansing in the morning is so much hassle!”
“I just want to cut down the time I spend on skincare in the morning”
Making the Product Fluid
Making the Product Fluid Image

More than 30 carefully selected ingredients are blended in accordance with strict hygiene management processes over three hours in a large, sealed tank. The resulting essence is “food for the skin”.

Quality Management
Quality Management Image

A sample is taken from each tank of blended essence and subjected to quality testing. We check not only for the presence of microbes and bacteria, but also if it is formulated correctly. In addition, we do careful visual tests, looking for even the slightest discrepancies in color and odour, to ensure product quality.

Forming our Masks
Forming Our Masks Image

Our masks are made by cutting a lightweight yet strong non-woven textile into a face shape using our bespoke mask formation cutter. This non-woven textile is distinct for its stretchability, enabling the mask to fit freely to the face, while also preventing slippage. It also features a slightly larger cut mouth, to enable you to multi-task, like eating or brushing teeth and doing skincare at the same time.

Our Unique Trifold System
Our Unique Trifold System Image

Our masks are packaged in a unique trifold system that makes them hassle-free and hygienic to use every day. The system also enables a super simple application technique, minimizing the parts in contact with the hands when removing the mask from its packaging. The mask can thus be pulled out smoothly and applied straight to the face in one movement. These tri-folded masks are packaged in layers in a transparent packaging.

Injecting Masks with Fluid
Injecting Masks with Fluid Image

Each mask is loaded with skincare essence, right down to the last mask in the pack. One of the innovative ways we achieve this is by loading the masks with essence three times. By repeating the pressing and essence injection stages, we ensure that the essence penetrates each mask effectively and every mask is fully soaked.

Packaging Image

We add a transparent seal above the layered, folded masks, then wrap them in film, complete with a plastic cap. The seal protects the masks from evaporation and from fluid spilling out of the film packaging. The small dispenser cap ensures the masks are well sealed.

Testing Image

After machine testing the product weight, we also conduct careful checks visually, examining each and every wrapped package, looking for even the tiniest defects and leaks.

Shipping Image

Products which have passed through our multi-stage testing process are then shipped nationwide. We use the very latest in power-assisted suit technology to ensure both smooth product transportation and a safe working environment.

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